How can i unsubscribe mobile phone value added services (VAS) online?

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I have 2 mobile phone connections with airtel and vodafone. In both network i have some value added services which activated without my knowledge and the service providers who deducted my prepaid balance regularly.

Is there any simple way to unsubscribe the value added services (VAS) such as caller tone, cricket alerts and news subscription so on without calling service providers?

Please help me.
asked Jan 13, 2014 in Consumer Electronics by Nasriya

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There is simple way to unsubscribe value added services (VAS) from any network such as aircel, airtel, vodafone, bsnl, idea, reliance and so on. The instructions is fairly simple but not via online.


1. Just SMS “STOP” (toll free) to 155223 from your mobile number

2. You will get a SMS from 155223 with the list of VAS services activated in your mobile. For eg.

  1. Caller tunes
  2. Cricket alerts
  3. News alerts

and so on.

3. If you want subscribe cricket alerts, simply reply '2' to 155223 and repeat the process for which services you are willing to unsubscribe.

Via Phone Call

1. Call 155223 from your mobile number, once the call gets connected your will get automated voice responce.

2. Based on voice responce listen to the services you currently live on and dial the appropriate number which related to your subscribed VAS services.

3. For example if you wish to deactivate caller tunes 'Dial 1' and similar to other services also.

4. Once you successfully unsubscribed the caller tunes (VAS), You will get voice as well as SMS confirmation too.

Hope the above steps will helps you to unsubscribe mobile phone value added services.

answered Jan 16, 2014 by Divyaa (1,000 points)
Thanks for the nice trick. Does it works with all GSM and CDMA networks?