How to Bulk Disable All Facebook Friends News Feed?

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I have 500+ facebook friends in my facebook profile. Whenever i logged in my facebook account to post my status, check messages there are 100's of friends newsfeed really distracts me. How can i disable my facebook friends newsfeed in bulk or selectively?

Kindly help me
asked Jan 8, 2014 in Computers & Internet by Yograj

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Hi Yograj

There are couple of ways to disable facebook friends newsfeed.

1. Just navigate to your facebook friends list and manually disable/enable the newsfeed one by one as illustrated in the image below.


Your need to install Google Chrome Browser along with Chrome addon Kill Newsfeed. Once you install both together, simply login your facebook account via google chrome browser.

You are done and all the newsfeeds are gone and your can see your facebook profile page without any clutter.

Good luck.


answered Jan 8, 2014 by Master (510 points)
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Thanks for your nice trick.
Thanks for your info and its really useful.